MIR Illness Policy

California State law requires that MIR shall be responsible for ensuring that children with obvious symptoms of illness do not attend school. Obvious symptoms include: productive cough, runny nose, sneezing, fever, rash, eye inflammation, vomiting, diarrhea, or sore throat.We cannot admit your child to school if one or more of the following exists: Illness that... Continue Reading →

What to Expect at Holiday Sing

Holiday Sing is an annual holiday show featuring every class. Students have been preparing for several weeks to sing, dance, and perform for you. It will be held Tuesday, December 17, 6:30-8 p.m. Holiday Sing is performed at the University of Redlands Memorial Chapel. The chapel has room to seat our students and staff, and... Continue Reading →

Finding Our Place in the World

Geography and geosciences are incorporated into the following MIR Student Learner Outcomes: · Cultural Subjects: MIR children will create a foundation for the appreciation of the humanities and the arts. They will have a sense of historical perspective, an understanding of one’s place in the world, and gratitude for the accomplishments of those who came before them.... Continue Reading →

Developing Gratitude

by Jessica Brockardt, Elementary Coordinator While November is often a month focused on gratitude, at MIR we consider gratitude and grace as something to be practiced daily. Showing gratitude is an essential part of who we are as humans; it strengthens our relationships and our connection to our community. Gratitude involves being sensitive and empathetic... Continue Reading →

Montessori U: Beginnings

Early childhood is an essential time where experiences can build a strong foundation for your child’s learning, health, and behavior throughout their lives.  Montessori educators approach child development in stages that have unique characteristics, strengths, and goals.  In the first four years of life, children have a remarkable capacity to develop control of movement, refine... Continue Reading →

Process, Not Product

By: Jenny Ewalt, Primary Teacher Take a trip down memory lane with me would you...think back to when you were in grade school…Remember what your refrigerator looked like? Mine was covered in artwork, spelling tests, and every scrap of paper I brought home from school. I would dump the bag out and my mom would... Continue Reading →

Campus Tour Wows Participants

By Jessica Bailiff, Development Coordinator for MIR MIR hosted its annual Campus Tour and Lunch event on in what turned out to be a beautiful sunny day on Friday, October 11. The day was perfect for an outdoor stroll -- quite a difference from the day prior! This guided tour gave families the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Montessori U: Life after Montessori

On Tuesday, October 1 MIR hosted a panel discussion with seven alumni and one alumni parent about where they are now and how their Montessori education prepared them for the next steps in their lives. The panel comprised two high school juniors, three high school seniors, a college senior, a graduate student, and a parent,... Continue Reading →

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