Montessori U: Life after Montessori

On Tuesday, October 1 MIR hosted a panel discussion with seven alumni and one alumni parent about where they are now and how their Montessori education prepared them for the next steps in their lives.

The panel comprised two high school juniors, three high school seniors, a college senior, a graduate student, and a parent, who is a professor at University of Redlands and a member of the U of R admissions committee. (Her daughter is a college freshman.)

After a brief welcome, MIR Head of School Jenny Davidson opened the floor to questions from the audience. Questions ranged from asking how well the graduates transitioned to the next level of school or different schools, to their favorite memory at MIR, to how attending Grove may or may not have affected their college admissions. Students were open, honest, and self-reflective in their answers. All were well-spoken and thoughtful in their answers.

The purpose of the evening is to give MIR parents a concrete look at what life after MIR might look like for their children. Students on the panel were selected for their age and availability. One student had left MIR in first grade to move to Canada, where she attended several more conventional schools before returning in 5th grade. One had left The Grove School after 8th grade to pursue football at Citrus Valley High School. The college students attend University of California at Irvine and California State University at San Bernardino. The remaining students attend The Grove School.

Students are not given any preparation before the event, as it is difficult to predict what questions parents will ask, and we want them to answer as honestly as possible.

If you were not able to attend Life after Montessori and want a greater understanding of your child’s education at MIR, we highly encourage you to save the date for Journey & Discovery on Saturday, January 25, 2020, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. More details to come soon.

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