Montessori U: Beginnings

Early childhood is an essential time where experiences can build a strong foundation for your child’s learning, health, and behavior throughout their lives.  Montessori educators approach child development in stages that have unique characteristics, strengths, and goals.  In the first four years of life, children have a remarkable capacity to develop control of movement, refine their sensory perception, acquire language, and find patterns and order in their environment.  While Montessori classrooms are specifically designed to support these tasks, the role of the family and home environment are essential.

The Beginnings Montessori U event on October 22nd oriented parents to developmental milestones and expected accomplishments in the early years.  MIR staff members Saskia de Jong, Occupational Therapist, and Jody Pighin, Speech Therapist, shared insights about child development from their professional training and extensive experience working with young children.  The goal for this event is to help families recognize children’s motivations, gain context for when skills typically emerge, and offer some recommendations on how families can support child development at home. 

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